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My passion for artful cakes and desserts has its root in what I experienced in my childhood in Brazil. Over there family parties are great events and it is virtually unimaginable to have wedding parties, anniversaries, birthday or children’s parties without a tasty, magnificent cake. My neighbour was a confectioner and excelled in making beautifully decorated, gorgeous wedding cakes (among others), that were absolutely amazing. First I used to just watch her, later I was allowed to assist her and she kindly let me in on many secrets of her art.

As time went on my affection for sweet art was shifted to the background by my professional activities. I studied science of communication at the University of Rio de Janeiro, went to Germany in 1985 and worked in the field of importation and exportation. Years later my children were born and I looked forward to preparing their birthday parties. I enjoyed decorating rooms and tables creatively and lovingly - and modelling a fancy dream cake, of course! My dormant passion for cake design was roused. As I improved more and more on designing and decorating I started to contribute cakes to charity events and to parties given by friends. It was the tremendous feedback I received that made me turn my pastime into profession.

In 2005 I went to São Paulo and enrolled in my first course with Flávia Millás who is a well-known cake designer in Brazil. More training followed. I attended courses at famous cake design schools in England (e.g. Squires Kitchen School of Cake Decorating, Farnham) and the United States (Notter School, Orlando) and I took great pleasure in learning a lot from artists such as Marcela Sanchez, Debbie Brown, Maisie Parrish and Colette Peters. I am determined to keep up to date; after all, you never really stop learning, do you?

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